Adventure Pack
Adventure Pack
Adventure Pack
Adventure Pack
Adventure Pack

Adventure Pack

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The Halton Adventure Pack is the ultimate bag for anything you can dream up. From the slopes to the beach you will be set with this bag. With it's ultra-compartmentalized pocket orientation you can stay extremely organized while you're moving. Then unzip it when you get to where you're going. At Halton we use it for travel, for work, for play with the family and everything in between.


  • Unzip the entire bag to see it's contents. No more fumbling through your bag for the right thing. Open it, find it, stay organized. So easy!
  • The Adventure Pack is 100% waterproof. Not something people usually expect from such an innovative bag. 
  • Made of a thick and durable coated, waterproof canvas material. You can really put it through anything. 
  • 17 pockets ranging from smaller (keys, phone, wallet) to very large (two jackets, multiple outfits, shoes) to keep you extra organized no matter what you're up to.
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Shoe pocket (fits up to US size 12)
  • 100% padded (to protect the good stuff and maintain the rectangle shape)
  • Extremely comfortable! Tons of padding on the back pad and shoulder straps, it honestly is a joy to wear.
  • Chest and Waist straps for extra support
  • 100% Synthetic Vegan Leather Accents
  • We could go on forever. The truth is... you need this.


We came up with this idea during a summer a few years ago when we traveled through Europe, camped for a week in Yellowstone, and flew to Hawaii. Quite a bit of travel in a short time. We kept getting frustrated with how quickly our stuff got disorganized - no matter how hard we tried! So we thought "there should be a bag that keeps everything super organized and makes it really easy to see where things are and get just what you need without pulling everything out of your bag!" BOOM. The Adventure Pack was born during an adventure. We'd love to hear your feedback about our product. Email us at help [at] haltongear [dot] com with any thoughts you have!


*Laundry Bag not included.